It takes courage to pursue an emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy life. Sometimes we need help in that pursuit.  Recognizing this, it can be helpful to know what to expect.  Clients can be assured that they will be listened to and anything they say will be kept confidential (except those rare instances described in the disclosure statement). The atmosphere of the sessions is one of warmth and respect.  We will work together to set and pursue the therapeutic goals.  A client always has the right to accept or decline any course of therapy, task or exercise suggested.

Download:  Disclosure Statement & Intake Form


My work is with individuals, couples and families.  I have experience in areas such as relationships, parenting, grief, loss, transition, anxiety and self-esteem.  My approach to therapy is Family Systems, Attachment Theory and the Bader Pearson Model of Marriage Therapy.  When working with younger children and youth, I may use art, play and other forms of creativity to allow younger clients to express themselves.  I work with individuals and families for varying lengths of time and frequency depending on the therapeutic goals.


I offer Spiritual Direction and inner healing prayer from a Christian perspective.  Spiritual Direction resonates most with those who have either hit a wall spiritually or find they are longing for more in their faith.  The purpose of Spiritual Direction is to fall deeper in love with God by intentionally pressing into this relationship. It is a 1 hour session once a month to give undivided attention to this relationship. Spiritual Direction is not therapy or problem/solution focused so there is no “end” like there is in a counselling/coaching relationship. Spiritual Direction is meant to be a regular part of life to assist in pursuing a healthy relationship with God not something to seek only when one is stuck. However, I’m willing to meet once or twice or for a season if needed. I am also able to offer direction for personal retreats. The purpose of inner healing prayer is to invite Jesus into the painful areas of our lives and allow Him to speak into those areas and bring freedom.  I have been in Christian ministry for most of my life including being a youth pastor, residence director at a Bible College, and currently pastoring part-time.  Spiritual direction and inner healing prayer have both played an important role in my own journey.